An Introduction to the Rockwood Business of NAVHDA breeds

An Introduction to the Rockwood Business of NAVHDA breeds

North American Association of Multipurpose Hunters is a non-profit enterprise whose aim is to promote and improve the lives of multi-purpose dogs in North America.

Our aim is to raise, train and teach as much as possible with it comes to the ownership of hunting dogs and looking after their well-being.

We share with you here, our business and business plans that looks at where we hope to take the Rockwood Kennels and how you are able to invest to keep our non-profit hobby sustainable.


The North American Multipurpose Hunting Dog Association is a legally recognized non-profit organization committed to promoting, promoting, fostering and protecting multi-purpose dogs in North America.

At the heart of this objective is the desire to serve the protection of wildlife, the prevention of cruelty to animals and the hunting of hunting dogs by helping hunters train their dogs before and after work. Hunt. draw, earth and water.

NAVHDA is a great addition to the activities of sports clubs and dog field testing organizations. It was created to complement the activities of these clubs and to provide proven standard methods for evaluating the performance of all diverse hunting dogs that conform to North American hunting practices, regardless of their breed.


Think of your community where you live and love. Now consider adding quality animal and heart care services to this community. Nothing can create a source of pride for your community while generating income for you by doing something you love. The growth opportunities are endless: daycare, full board, wellness offers, education, hygiene, retail and much more. Open a store you’ve always dreamed of. It is even better to bring the Rockwood Kennel brand across the region and use our discounts for multiple units.


Whether you’re looking for a new career or just want to diversify your business portfolio, Rockwood Kennels gives you the opportunity to not only do something you enjoy, but also to become a thriving business. For many, this is a unique opportunity to break away from the daily sophistication of the business world and to run an entertaining lifestyle business that is in high demand in the community. We have the choice of the place for growth. Rockwood Kennels supports all franchisees with the following services:

  • Demanding brand with ready-made solutions to speed up business
  • Advice from an experienced support team
  • Access to a data center, including an extensive network of franchises
  • Subject matter experts
  • Special main contact point
  • Complete training program
  • Current activities and contact points help franchisors every week, every month and every year
  • Fixed technology platforms
  • Comprehensive systems, tools and resources for franchisees to support their business


If you wish to invest into Rockwood Kennels then donations are welcome. We have many local business in the area that invest into the business, our largest contributor, thus far, is the Menominee Casino Resort. Every month the casino donates food and toys for the dogs. The popular casino resort also holds walks for the members of the casino with the more trained pooched inside the kennels.

Menominee Casino is the most popular gambling venue in Wisconsin and have a vast number of gaming tables including roulette, poker and several slot machines.

Another investor into the Rockwood Kennels is Al Bundy’s Sandwich Emporium. Al’ place is a museum of every sandwich invention possible. With the oldest preserved sandwich in the world ‘the fuzzy b’stardo’. Contained for nearly 30 years, this old beast attracts tourists from all over the world and Al’s business donates funds each year to help cover veterinary bills.

You can get involved just like the Menominee Casino and Al’s Sandwich Emporium.