Rockwood Kennels: A Home from Home for Your Hunting Dog

Rockwood Kennels: A Home from Home for Your Hunting Dog


Rockwood Kennels is a full service campus in Baraboo, WI, just 10 minutes from Dells Wisconsin. The plot of land where the dogs live, offers up interior / exterior runs for exercise and fencing throughout for their safety and security. You dog will get the best attention it requires, as we provide safe and fun surrounding. We have underfloor heating for the winter and air conditioning for the summer months.

Rockwood Kennels

  • Family ownership and management.
  • For all short or long term boarding needs.
  • On site bird training for all the hunting dogs.
  • Learning command and performance training for the family.
  • Testing on all NAVHDA
  • Dogtra official distributor
  • Air Conditioning
  • Underfloor heating
  • Rockwood Kennels are a full service fence. These forms of competition for the race until the end of the race and the skills do not take place on the basis of Hunter vouchers. However, it is important to note that the dog must also be considered as an animal guardian since it must be handled with care. The introduction of the Mountain Bird Hunters principle is based on the NAVHDA and AKC Hunt tests.

    Our new kennel area has a limited walkway to ensure that all dogs are well cared for and that they receive a lot of training and attention. The fence has a 4 foot indoor / outdoor track. X 12 feet and has internal and external protective screen to minimize pressure on dogs. The outdoor trails are covered by covering the dogs in a safe and comfortable environment even in bad weather. The kennel is heated with radiant heat on the ground to give your dog a safe, clean and comfortable atmosphere in winter without the danger of deadly carbon monoxide, and in summer for air conditioning for the comfort of dogs.

    We are in a beautiful and isolated environment where your dog is safe and comfortable. We also make shipments and deliveries to those whose time is running out.


    The Vizslas Breed

    The heart and soul of Rockwood kennels are exceptional Vizslas.

    The Vizsla is a very noble hunting dog breed with a very rich and unusual history.

    These are people who don’t just want a normal hunting dog.

    We are proud to have and occasionally take care of intelligent and collaborative hunting dogs for hunters on foot who, of course, have all the tools to be an excellent hunting partner. We believe that the Vizsla is a real versatile dog and we aim to ensure that the breed retains this character. We use the testing system of the North American Multipurpose Hunting Association (NAVHDA) to ensure that dogs have all of Vizsla’s natural abilities. We also use AKC hunting tests, but we usually hunt our dogs in games. Hunting is the number one sport in Rockwood Kennels and we take it very seriously. As some of you may already know, serious hunters need serious dogs. We try to produce serious dogs. We do not sell field dogs and we do not sell show dogs if you wish. We can send them to quality breeders. Our dogs naturally hunt mountains and waterfowl. Hunting with them is fun. Our dogs hunt pheasants, bumpers, cylinders, bears, quail and waterfowl and naturally hunt feathers like rabbits, and of course we collect everything by hand.

    If you wish to learn more about the Rockwood kennels, follow this link.