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Enclosed you will find a picture of Kip with his first grouse, shot back in September. He has retrieved many more since then. He is making good progress. I have had some beautiful points from him. He ranges a bit far at times, but he is gradually working in closer as he gets more experience. I have spent a lot of time with him in the field this Fall, trying to get his nose into as many feathers as possible. When I get frustrated, I try to remember how long it took my two prior dogs to fit all of the pieces of the puzzle together, which for both was about their third year. Right now, I would have to say Kip is way ahead of the learning curve.vizslas

Kip has become a loved member of the family. He loves attention, and he gets plenty of it here. As you predicted, he is very high energy, so at least once a day I try to get him out for a long run or a long walk. He loves to play and is full of mischief. He is as good natured a dog as you could ask for. This dog has never growled at any one. He is friendly and affectionate. He comes to work with me every day and acts as the official greeter.

I am continuing to hunt him late season on grouse. The birds are very skittish and many bust out before the dog ever gets a chance to point them. Kip is beginning to follow my hand signals and has connected the shot with the need to look for a downed bird. He is a very smart dog.

We couldn't be happpier with Kip. He has filled the big holes that existed in mine and my wife's hearts when we lost our last dog. Thanks for breeding a great dog.

Steve S.
Eagle River Wi.

I have had different kinds of dogs for over 30 years, (Labs, German Shorthairs, Springers, and Brittany’s) and this Vizsla pup from Lee has been the easiest to train and best all-around bird hunting dog I have ever had. My dog has a great attitude and she hunts hard all day long whether she is on birds or not. I am extremely satisfied, she had a great fall when she was only 9 months old and last fall she was unreal on grouse, pheasants and woodcock.

I would recommend Lee’s line of dogs to anybody with no hesitation whatsoever.

Rick A.
Waunakee Wi

Izzo {Rockwoods V Beretta} is the first dog I have ever owned or trained. I simply wanted a hunting buddy that would help me find more Grouse and Woodcock in the fall.

Before finding Rockwood Kennels I had been exposed to NAVHDA through a friend, and got a peek at what  Versatile Dogs are capable of.
As a young puppy, Izzo showed tons of drive and potential. Thanks to the helpful advice of Lee and others, he got a 112pt. Prize 1 on his Natural Ability test and we were bitten by the NAVHDA bug. Two years later we gave the Utility test a try and he recieved a Prize 1 Utility score also.
The real fun started a couple of weeks after the test, when Izzo and I snuck away from our familiar Michigan Grouse woods and spent two weeks in Saskatchewan chasing anything we could find. He adapted easily to the open prairie where we had a trip of a lifetime.

Now i have been told not to brag about your dog until he is dead, but Izzo has been a dream come true right from the beginning. Despite my efforts to screw him up along the way, he turned into a wonderful hunting companion.

He has proven his worth on Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, Ducks, Geese, Pheasants, Quail, Huns, Sharpies, and helped recover a few deer for friends that would not have been recovered otherwise. Every season he retrieves a couple of grouse that we never hear or see fall, and it still amazes me everytime it happens. He is great with other dogs, wonderful around our two small children, and I could not ask for a better companion in the wood or the house.

Tom F.

We are very happy with the progress Jazz has made.  She made her first retrieve on a sharptail in North Dakota at about 6 months, beating one of our older dogs to the down bird.  She pointed wild Iowa pheasants on her own, with our older dogs honoring - and held point long enough for Pam to walk up to the point!  On another hunt, she trailed a wounded bird in and out of a creek bed, after first pointing it.  She is very high energy, and yet very much a lover - will sit on the couch and snuggle for as long as you will sit with her.

Ray T.
Decorah Ia

I am writing this letter to express my 100% satisfaction with our new member of the family. I could not be more pleased with Titan’s temperament, intelligence, and desire to please. What really impresses me is his desire to hunt.

This past Fall at 5 months of age he acted like a he was 3 years old. His ability to locate birds and locking on point is a sign of outstanding breeding. We are already considering adding an additional Vizsla to have an outstanding pair to enjoy for years to come.

Please consider passing this on to anyone interested in information about your services. I would be available for any references and look forward to staying in touch.

Todd G.
Deforest Wi

Rockwood Kennels breed solid hunting line vizslas that excel at both upland and waterfowl hunting.  My pup is a natural retriever and all wounded game is returned to hand with a gentle hold.   Josie is wonderful companion, hunter, and loves the kids.  Temperament combined with hunting desire is what makes Rockwood Kennel's Vizslas a true joy to own.


Our Rockwood Kennels Vizsla we named Jake.  He has been a joy in the house, he is extremely smart, active and a wonderful addition to our family. Jake is affectionate, highly intelligent and has socialized well with other dogs and people.  It is obvious that he comes from a good line of sporting dogs and we look forward to many years with him.

Lee helped us select the right pup for us.  Jake’s formative time at Rockwood Kennel made his transition to our lifestyle seamless.  Jake observes, then reacts with good natural instincts and is a great indoor and outdoor dog. 

We highly recommend Rockwood Kennels.

Doug and Cheryl H.
March 2011

Lee did a great job with my German Wirehaired (Duke) I have had Labs and springers and never had a problem training but Duke was different. I called up Lee told him my problems and he said come on out with Duke and he would see what he could do. Six weeks later Duke is a new dog. Lee took my Wife and myself out with Duke to go over all commands and to get reaquanted to make sure everthing he had taught Duke he would do for us and he did. Thanks Lee

Brent S
DeForest WI

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