Rockwood Kennels in Baraboo, WI featuring Vizsla hunters

Rockwood Vizslas

The heart and soul of Rockwood Kennels are our beautiful Vizslas.
The Vizsla is a very noble breed of hunting dog with a very rich and uncommon history.
This is a breed for the person who doesn't want just an ordinary breed of hunting dog.
{read history of the vizsla.}

NAVHDA Magazine

We take pride in owning and occasionally breeding Intelligent, Cooperative, Hunting Dogs for the Foot Hunter that naturally possess all the tools needed to become an excellent hunting companion. We feel that the Vizsla is the Original Versatile Hunting dog, and we go to great lengths to see that the breed maintains those characteristics. We use the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Associations {NAVHDA} testing system to insure that the dogs possess all the natural abilities of a well bred Vizsla. We also use the AKC Hunt Tests, but most importantly we actually Hunt our Dogs on Wild Game. Hunting is the number one sport at Rockwood Kennels and we take it very seriously. As some of you may already know, Serious Hunters need Serious Dogs, we strive to produce serious dogs. We do not sell Field Trial dogs and we do not sell show dogs, if you want either of those we can send you to qualified breeders. Our dogs hunt upland birds as well as waterfowl and do so naturally, and are a real pleasure to hunt with. Our dogs hunt Pheasant, Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, Sharp-tail Grouse, Bobwhite Quail and waterfowl and naturally point fur such as rabbit, and of course retrieve all to hand. For further information on our dogs look at the photos of our dogs.

We Don't talk about it,, we live it!

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