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Nixon is the dog that started all this. From the first day he entered our home we knew he was a very special dog. He has a great personality and loved to retrieve and find birds. As he grew older and got his first season of hunting behind him it was obvious that this guy could hunt. He lives to go hunting. A natural retrieve, strong pointing instinct and the willingness to please his master, he has been more than we ever expected. He has the uncanny ability to find birds when other dogs can't. He is very strong and has a strong frame to withstand the rigors of hunting all day for many days in a row. As a hunting dog he has pretty much done it all. No matter where we are at, when Nixon comes out of his crate he attracts attention. He is now in his golden years and he can still put in a full days work and needs to be called in even after an 8 hour hunt. At ten years of age he has over 600 wild birds to his name and he is still going strong. He hunts like he is a five year old. He is now just starting to show his age in his eyes and is starting to get a grey chin, but we expect several more strong seasons out of him, and if he has anything to say about, it he will do many more. He just may be that dog of a lifetime.

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In late 1999 we decided we wanted a female to compliment Nixon in the field. After looking high and low for a female Vizsla out of proven hunting stock we decided to import a dog right from Hungary. It was a gamble, but it was worth it. Rockwoods Csouarberki Estike{Lucy} came to America in the spring of 2000. She was imported with a sister and brother who belong to friends of ours. They flew into Chicago's O'Hare and as we were doing the necessary paperwork we could hear them whining and barking. They wanted to let us know they were here. The airport personnel brought the crates out and we let them out to see our new pups for the first time. Well as you can imagine it was love at first sight. They were very happy and just full of ambition. We got them home and our families embraced the dogs from the beginning and the dogs returned the favor.
Lucy has become a very good dog and is just a charm to be around. She has all the tools and loves to do the required work of a Versatile Hunting Dog. At the age of seven months she was tested in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test and she received a 91pts prize 2. She did a very nice job. We knew she was headed for the Utility test. After several years of training and hunting wild game she was ready for the big test. At the age of 3.8years she received her NAVHDA Prize1, 201pts. Utility score on her first try, something very few dogs accomplish. To the best of our knowledge this is the highest score ever achieved by a Vizsla bitch in 36 years of NAVHDA testing. Something we are all very proud of. She has been a dream to train. Very understanding and just absorbs the training. She loves to work. Not only is she a true Versatile dog, she is a beautiful Versatile dog. She has a very strong pointing instinct, almost extreme use of nose, a natural retrieve, a natural honor/back, and a love of water. She stands at 23.5" and weighs 50 pounds. She has good bone mass and is very well muscled, traits that are needed to do the required work of a Versatile dog. She doesn't know what an e-collar is. Just show her what you want and she does it. She loves to please.
She is a prime example of great breeding. We only hope she passes these strong traits on to her offspring. So far it looks like she has.

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Rockwoods V Montefeltro {Monte} is a male pup out of Rockwoods Csouarberki Estike{Lucy} and Pointe Blanc`s Rusty Miracle {Duke}. So far he has been quite a character. He went Sharptail hunting in North Dakota at the ripe old age of 4 months and also hunted pheasants in N.D., WI and IA. in his first hunting season. He has shown signs of greatness and then turns around and proves that he is just a puppy, and we are not going to take that away from him. But it looks as though he has all the traits to become a good one. We will update this as he progresses.



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New pups

Rockwood Vizslas has three beautiful Male Vizslas ready for their new homes. These pups were born Jan. 2nd 2014. They are very bold and confident and are going to be outstanding Hunting Dogs. These pups were bred for Wild Bird Hunting and will also have the ability to Field Trial in the off season just like the Sire and Dam, if the owners wish to compete. At seven weeks old they are already Bird Crazy and love to carry objects in their mouths. They sleep in a crate at night and also nap during the day. They are AKC reg. And can also be reg. With FDSB & NAVHDA. Both parents are on sight along with granddam. No health issues and proven lines. Contact Lee for more information and pedigrees.

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